Boys 5 Piece Shiny Suit in Charcoal and Grey

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Boys 5 Piece Shiny Suit is perfect for any formal occasions.
Jacket: tailored fit, two inner pockets, two outer flap pockets, 1 handkerchief pocket, single breasted, 2 button fastening, went at the back, fully lined. It boasts a felt fabric 'melton' under the collar that creates a smooth curve and sits properly. Material 25% Cotton, 75% Polyester
Waistcoat: 3 button fastening, 2 pockets to front, adjustable at the back. Material 25% Cotton, 75% Polyester
Shirt: white shirt with 1 breast pocket. Material 13% Cotton, 87% Polyester
Trousers: Flat front, zip and 1 button fastening, elasticated waistband at the back, belt loops, 2 side pockets. Material 25% Cotton, 75% Polyester
Includes a tie
Machine wash 30°C, do not tumble dry.

Boys 5 Piece Shiny Suit in Various Colors.

Size Jacket Half Chest Length Shoulder to Hem Sleeve Length
6 Month - 1 Years 11inch (28cm) 14inch (36.5cm) 12.5inch (32cm)
1-2 Years 12inch (30cm) 15inch (38cm) 13inch (34cm)
2-3 Years 12.5inch (31cm) 16inch (39.5cm) 14inch (35.5cm)
3-4 Years 13inch (33cm) 16.5inch (42cm) 14.5inch (36.5cm)
4-5 Years 13.5inch (34cm) 17inch (43.5cm) 15inch (38cm)
5-6 Years 14inch (35.5cm) 18inch (46cm) 16inch (40cm)
7-8 Years 15inch (37cm) 20inch (51cm) 18.5inch (47cm)
9-10 Years 16inch (41cm) 22inch (56cm) 20inch (50cm)
11-12 Years 17inch (43cm) 24inch (61cm) 21inch (53cm)
13-14 Years 19inch (48cm) 26inch (66cm) 23.5inch (60cm)

Size Trousers Inseam Trousers Half Waist
6 Month - 1 Years 13inch (34cm) 10inch (26cm)
1-2 Years 14inch (35.5cm) 10.5inch (27cm)
2-3 Years 15inch (37cm) 11inch (28cm)
3-4 Years 16inch (41cm) 11.5inch (29cm)
4-5 Years 17inch (43cm) 12inch (30cm)
5-6 Years 18inch (46cm) 12.5inch (31cm)
7-8 Years 21inch (53cm) 13inch (33cm)
9-10 Years 24inch (61cm) 14inch (35cm)
11-12 Years 26inch (66cm) 15inch (38cm)
13-14 Years 28inch (72cm) 16inch (40cm)