Girls Tik Tok Camo Set in Pink Camo, Black Camo and Khaki Camo

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This girls tik tok camo set is very light and comfortable, granting your kid a relaxing experience and allowing them to enjoy every moment without feeling bothered or irritated; designed for sports or casual wear; they are very versatile and easily worn.
Top: Round neck, Tik Tok print to front, waist length, long sleeves with cuffs.
Bottoms: elasticated waistband and hem, two side pockets, one patch pocket.
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
Machine wash cold, do not tumble dry
Girls Tik Tok Camo Set in Pink Camo, Black Camo and Khaki Camo.
Size Full Length Armpit to Armpit Sleeve Length
3-4 Years 13.5inch (34cm) 14.5inch (37cm) 12inch (31cm)
5-6 Years 14.5inch (37cm) 15.5inch (40cm) 13inch (33cm)
7-8 Years 15.5inch (40cm) 16.5inch (42cm) 14inch (36cm)
9-10 Years 16.5inch (42cm) 17.5inch (45cm) 15inch (38cm)
11-12 Years 17inch (43cm) 18inch (46cm) 16.5inch (42cm)
13-14 Years 18inch (46cm) 19inch (48cm) 18inch (46cm)
Size Full Length Inseam Waist
3-4 Years 10.5inch (27cm) 15.5inch (40cm) 23inch (59cm)
5-6 Years 11inch (28cm) 17.5inch (45cm) 25inch (64cm)
7-8 Years 12inch (31cm) 19.5inch (50cm) 28inch (71cm)
9-10 Years 12.5inch (32cm) 20.5inch (52cm) 30inch (76cm)
11-12 Years 13inch (33cm) 23.5inch (60cm) 32.5inch (83cm)
13-14 Years 14inch (36cm) 25inch (64cm) 35inch (89cm)