Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer Bracelet Deluxe Instant Large LCD Display Screen

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Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer is a stylish and innovative design. This wine thermometer is simple and practical to use, which works without batteries and it's easy to read the numbers. Get temperature value within several seconds after you putting the thermometer on the bottle. This wine thermometer has large LCD display screen, easy to read the numbers. Bracelet design, you can test the temperature of the wine without affecting its flavour. Stylish and innovative appearance, the number on the crystal display illuminates the temperature of the bottle. The wine bottle thermometer has a wide usage range, ranging from 9~65℃, which is suitable for various kinds of types of wine. Large LCD screen for easy reading, you can easily monitor the temperature of your favourite wine just by putting the thermometer on the bottle. After you have finished using it, just remove the thermometer from the wine bottle. 


100% brand new and high quality
Exquisite design and appearance
Good price for you to save money
Temperature sensor, accurate range 
LCD display
Maintaining the proper temperature delivers that exact flavor of your favorite wine and craft
Easy to use, know the temperature of your wine easily
This product is suitable for drinking cups, bottles, red wine, beverages and other tubular or column diameters of 6-8 cm

Put the wine thermometer in the neck of your wine bottle
Waiting for the temperature to show the real temperature of the wine
Enjoying your wine in the most proper temperature

Material: stainless steel
Color: black
External Measuring temperature range: -50°C~70°C
Operating ambient temperature: -10°C~60°C
Operating environment humidity: 20%-80%
Accuracy: 1 °C
Resolution: 1.1 (> -20 ° C)
Battery information: built-in button battery AG10
Measurement input: 1 NTC temperature sensor
Package size: 8 x 8 x 4.5 cm
Display screen size: about 26mmx19mm
Package Included:

1 PC x Wine Thermometer
1 x LR1130 Button battery
Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer Bracelet Deluxe Instant Large LCD Display Screen.