Xiaomi Yeelight Motion Detection LED Ceiling Light Mini 5700K Motion Sensor

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Motion Detection LED Ceiling Light is designed in a circular shape and white colour. The fixed color temperature is 5700K and the brightness is 670 lumens. Please be advised that this Yeelight LED ceiling light Mini does not support phone control and settings.
Unique simple design, not only lighting but also decorating your house 
Anti-mosquito design, effectively solving the problem of flying insects in the lampshade 
Built-in infrared human body sensor, sensitive to your trace 
Need self-tapping screws to install (included)
Rated Power: 10W
Working Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Working Current: 0.08A
Sensing Range: 150cm ≤ R (Radius) ≤ 200cm
Color Temperature:5700K
Color Rendering Index:RA up to 95, highly restored color
Induction Module: Motion induction, Photosensitive induction
Induction Time:60s
Dimensions: Diameter 250mm; Height 71mm
-Light Sensor & Motion Sensor: When motion fixating the sensing range at night, the light automatically turns on, when motion stop after 60s the light automatically turns off.
-Anti-Mosquito: Fully sealed anti-mosquito design for peace of daily life
-Flicker-Free Lighting: Soft lighting, no flash, high brightness, high CRI, perfect for residential commercial.
-High Bright:Provides 670lm brightness and 5700K glow, illuminating your night life.
-High Energy Efficiency: LED panel lights have a longer life. The maintenance rate is low and the reliability is excellent, saving electricity costs.
Installation Steps:
1. Turn the lamp cover counterclockwise<br>
2. Compare the position of the lamp body on the wall surface and make a punch mark (position of two communicating holes)
3. Then use the impact drill to punch holes and place the expansion tube
4. Wiring: Use a screwdriver to unscrew the junction box. There are three wiring ports inside, which are live wire, neutral wire and earth wire. The earth wire must be connected to the earth wire ports. If there is no earth wire, it will not be used. The remaining live wire and neutral wires can be connected at Arbitrary two wiring ports casually.
5. Align the lamp body before punching the position of the expansion tube, and use the impact drill to drive the screw into it.
6. Finally, fix the lamp cover clockwise and turn on the light to check.
It is not smart light, can't connect with phone app.
The light will not light up in the daytime, it only work when getting dark.
Package Included:
1 x XIAOMI YLXD09YL Ceiling Light 
1 x Chinese instruction manual 
2x screws
2x silicone gasket
2x expansion tube
Xiaomi Yeelight Motion Detection LED Ceiling Light.